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Wanhao Duct Fan Mod


Wanhao Duct Fan Mod Photo

Mod for the Duplicator i3, Maker Select, and Cocoon Create

This mod replaces the front facing 40mm fan and shroud with a rear mounted 50mm duct fan, providing more effecient cooling with less noise.

The parts can be printed HERE. For a v2.1 you will need to print the spacer found HERE as well.



  • 50mm 12V Duct/Blower Fan (commonly used in laptops)
  • Two M3x12mm screws
  • Two M3 hex nuts
  • M4x25mm hex screw
  • M4x25mm round/mushroom head screw


  1. The M3x12mm screws and nuts are used to connect the lower duct piece to the top bracket piece.
  2. The M4x25mm round/mushroom screw inserts through the bottom hole on the lower bracket + spacer and screws directly into the open screw hole on the bottom right bearing mount. The v2.1 spacer can be glued or simply placed in between the bearing block and duct while mounting.  You can also chose to use another screw into the top bracket hole. You will have to remove your extrusion fan and motor to access the front bearing screws and replace the pre-existing screw.  The length required is approxiamtely 32mm so you will have to cut down the screw.  This can be achieved easier using nylon screws if you choose to do so.
  3. The other M4x25mm screw mounts the 50mm duct fan to the top bracket piece once you insert the duct fan into the completed mod pieces. 


Increased cooling efficiency without blocking the view of the nozzle!