iBlock - block accidental key/mouse strokes in Windows


iBlock v1.0 Released! - iBlock is freeware designed to prevent accidental input from unwanted hands (or paws)

Fight back against kids and pets who like button smashing with an easy-to-use app that sits in the system tray.

Download iBlock Here

Twitch'n it up in my spare time


Been working on my Twitch channel recently and finally have it looking a bit like I want.

This is definitely a work in progress ...  #WishIHadABiggerPlace.


Watch live video from harkypoo on www.twitch.tv

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A puffer fish for the #3dblockzoo Project

Puffer fish model with seaweed and coral


A #3dblockzoo Puffer Fish with optional Seaweed and Coral.  You can download this model HERE.

A snake for the #3dblockzoo Project

Snake with full belly 3D model


Another #3dblockzoo inspired creation.  This time it's a snake with a full belly.  You can download this model HERE.

A pug for the #3dblockzoo Project



3D Printable Pug Picture

#3dblockzoo is a 3d printing project to encourage the 3d printing community to begin basic modeling using TinkerCAD by creating block-based animals that are then shared to create a giant community-based collection.

Remove Windows 10 Spy Features

An important video for Windows 10 users.  While some of us might have already taken these steps, it's a good reminder.

Rather than reposting here, you can find the links in the description of the video.

Wanhao Duct Fan Mod


Wanhao Duct Fan Mod Photo

Mod for the Duplicator i3, Maker Select, and Cocoon Create

This mod replaces the front facing 40mm fan and shroud with a rear mounted 50mm duct fan, providing more effecient cooling with less noise.

"PC" Polycarbonate Build Plate


Build Plate Image


My new "PolyC" (Polycarbonate) Bed Plate.

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